Tomorrow it’s time for Wacken Metal Battle final! We don’t know which time we are playing because the time slots will be raffled out tomorrow but the schedule can be seen below. \m/ \m/

Here you can buy tickets 100 SEK (price at door 150 kr): https://secure.zeticket.se/start.php?pid=1934

Here is the schedule:
20:30 support band
21:00 competing band #1
21:30 competing band #2
22:00 competing band #3
22:30 competing band #4
23:00 competing band #5
23:30 headliner band

Frantic Amber booked to the camping stage at Metaltown arranged by NEMIS – Studiefrämjandet! Check it out here: http://www.metaltown.se/20-band-till-campingscenen/


Don’t miss our full-set gig next week with The Resistance, Monoscream, Dawn of Silence and Colossus! Date: May 12th, Place: Bryggarsalen, Stockholm.

New blogpost up! Check it out here: Emergenza Semifinals

New gig booked in Copenhagen – our debut gig in Denmark! Date is June 8 and venue is Lygten Station. More info here.

We can now announce that we are one of the five finalist bands in the swedish Wacken Metal Battle 2012! That means that we are going to play at Göta Källare in Stockholm. Date: May 10, tickets 100 SEK. The age limit is 18 years and tickets can be soon be bought at Zeticket.se Come and support us and help us win! More info here.

Frantic Amber up on Blabbermouth with more info on the coming album! Link is here.

We are now announcing the news that we will begin work on a full length album. Our plan to release a second EP has been cancelled and the song “Bleeding Sanity” will now be released as a single, but re-recorded for the album sessions. Our collaboration with Ralph Santolla will continue with him producing the album.

New gigs booked! Our gig schedule so far:

24 March – Sthlm Metal Fest
4 April – NEMIS Kalmar
28 April – Emergenza Semifinal
26 May – Stay Awake Festival
16-18 August – Rockstad Falun
27-29 October – Rock Bitch Boat

Finally it’s here! Our new music video Bleeding Sanity! Check it out here.

Thank you all people that saw us this weekend at The Crash in Norrköping and Pipline in Sundvall! We had a blast with you and had an unforgettable mini-tour!

Finally we can annouce the cover for our new EP – Bleeding Sanity! Take a look at it on our facebook – here!

Now it’s official! Frantic Amber is booked to the Swedish festival Rockstad Falun! Other bands are e.g. Hypocrisy, Iced Earth, Sabaton, Engel, Epica and much more!

Two new shows booked in March! Frantic Amber is going to Sundsvall March 3 to play at Pipeline bar. And later on March 24 we headline STHLM METAL FEST together with bands as Vodou Arms, Crimson Wrath and more! More info is coming up in the gig section.

Thank you everybody for all your kind words on facebook! P3 Guld was an amazing experience for us. The clip is up on the videosection for those that missed the show or for you that wants to watch it again!

Just finishied general rehearsal for P3 Guld… We are so psyched! Tomorrow showtime!

Frantic proudly announcents that we are now endorsed by Speedmetal custom made jewelery! We will were them on P3 Guld tomorrow so check it out! Check out his page: http://speedmetal.se/
New interview up on Battlehelm! You can read it here:http://battlehelm.com/?p=2794
A busy day today! First photoshoot out in the snow and later a gig at the music contest Emergenza festival! To everybody that saw us and voted for us – thank you sooo much! 2nd place and all that’s amazing!

It’s now official – Frantic Amber will perform at the P3 Gold 2012 Awards! The awards are on January 21th and are P3’s own music prize, awarded in front of 2500 people at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg to summarize the previous year’s best Swedish music. Performing are some of last year’s most acclaimed Swedish artists. The event will be broadcast in Swedish national television and radio.

Finally we have some new promo photos – now with a full band! The photos are taken by photographer Rickard Nilsson, a big thanx to him! Check out the photos in the promo section of the photo gallery!

We are now happy to announce a new drummer in Frantic Amber! We have played with Erik Röjås since early sprig this year and it worked out so well we are having a hard time to imagine playing without him. He accepted and are now a part of our Frantic-family – the male part! 😉

Check out some live photos from the Rock Bitch Boat! Thank you Hellbangeuse Live Photography!! 😀 Check it out here (facebook): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=283934454980571&set=a.283932011647482.70729.200664489974235&type=1&theater!

Yesterday we had a great photosession with Rickard Nilsson! It will be will be our first photos with our new permanent drummer!

First blogpost from our Russian tour in September is up! Check it out here: http://franticamber.rocknytt.se/2011/11/07/russian-tour-no2-day-1/!

Read about the producing of our second EP! Ralph Santollas own words! Check it out here: devilution.dk/artikel/santollas-verden-3!

New gig booked! We are going to play with @Gormathon in Edsbro at december 17th! More info in the gig section.

Finally home after an amazing rock and halloween cruise! Thank you Rock Bitch Boat! Our gig on the big stage was unforgettable for us, thank you all that came and watched us!!

Boarding the cruise today! We are all superstressed! 😀

Thank you all everybody that came and saw us and Netherbird at Headbangers bar yesterday!

Today play in Uppsala for the first time and our friends Netherbird too!
Countdown has begun! If you haven’t yet, be sure to buy your ticket to the coolest halloween party ever on a two-day rock cruise from Stockholm to Riga – of course we mean the Rock Bitch Cruise!

More info here on how to buy tickets for the cruise, don’t forget to remember to say Frantic Amber when you order to support us! Hope to see as many of you there as possible! More info here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=100734076678154&refa=ts!

Today around 10 PM Micke from Degradead will play Frantic Amber on http://www.mostmetalradio.com!

New gig booked at Headbangers Bar in Uppsala with the awesome band Netherbird! Date is friday October 21. More info in the gig section.

Thanx to all of you that came and saw us at Musician’s Planet this weekend! It was an awesome fair and we hope to see you all at Frantic Amber on Rock Bitch Boat 2011 (Halloween fest)!

We are in the Musician’s planet ad in the Swedish newspaper Metro today! Musician’s Planet, here we come!.

More about Frantic Amber on P3 Live on Frantic Ambers blog! Check it out here: http://franticamber.rocknytt.se/2011/09/20/tonight-frantic-ambers-gig-at-sweden-rock-on-p3-live/#respond .

Listen to Frantic Amber gig on Sweden Rock tonight on Swedish national radio! Check it out here: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=4067&artikel=4704986.

New post up on the blog about the rehearsals for Russia! Check it out here: http://franticamber.rocknytt.se/2011/09/17/preparations-for-russia/#respond.

Some videoclips from the broder tuck gig in Stockholm! Filmed by Martin Fredriksson. Check it out here (facebook): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150304334894900.

For those of you that missed the interview we did right before by webzine Metal Shock Finland can read it here: http://metalshockfinland.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/interview-with-frantic-amber-all-female-heavy-and-low-tune-kick-ass-metal-from-sweden.

Thank you so much Russia for your amazing support during this tour! We can’t wait to come back!!

New post up on the Frantic Amber blog! Check it out here: http://franticamber.rocknytt.se/.

Only two days left to the russian tour!

Our music video now has over 100.000 views! Thank you so much everybody for your support! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R_79JOtwJo.

New Frantic Amber blog in English at the Swedish webzine Rocknytt! Read our first post here: : http://franticamber.rocknytt.se/.

Some new live photos are up in the media section!

Some video phootage from our gig at Broder Tuck! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHHxmD4ucw8.

Less than one month left until we go on tour! Here is the video teaser (facebook): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=147630431984950.

Thanks to all of you that were there to support us at Brother Tuck! It was a sweaty but awesome gig! 😀

Time to get tickets for our gig at Broder Tuck next week!! If you by a ticket you support the band and will also get in for 80 SEK instead of 100 SEK at the door. If you want a ticket, just email us at info@franticamber.com!

Our thoughts today goes out to Norway and the Norweigan people. The terrible attacks that happened yesterday in Olso and the island Utoya in Norway is unforgettable. At least 91 people has deceased and 84 of them was between 14 and 18 years old. Our thoughts goes to them, to their families and friends and to all Norweigans.

We want so say thank you to Myjam that made us todays metal band on facebook! Horns up!

New gig booked! Nemis – New Music In Sweden has booked Frantic Amber to the music fair Musician’s Planets show case stage! Date is October 2nd and the venue is Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. Hope to see a lot of you there!

New review up on Melodic Net! Check it out here: http://www.melodic.net/?page=review&id=9712.

Frantic Amber tour info up on Blabbermouth! Check it out here: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=160204.

Read about the Sweden Rock gig in Marys blog! Check it out here: http://maryraven.blogg.se/2011/july/sweden-rock-giget.html#comment.

New tour announcement!! Frantic Amber is coming back to Russia September 1-11!

New live photos up from the Sweden Rock gig! Check it out in the media section! :-)

Some video phootage from our gig at Sweden Rock Festival! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmA1JW_cQjQ.

THANK YOU!! All of you wonderful people that came to watch us live at Sweden Rock Festival!!! It was truly a pleasure and so much fun!!! 😀 See you next time!

New promophotos up in the media section!

Soon it’s Sweden Rock time! On thursday June 9 at 19:10 Frantic Amber will play at Rockklassiker stage. Swedish National radio P3 Live will record the concert and send a part of it! Don’t miss it!

Yesterday we had had photosession after our rehearsal! Soon it will be some new FA promo pics for you! ;-D

Read about our gig at Ekenstock Festival on Mary’s blog! (It has a translator.) Check it out here: http://maryraven.blogg.se/2011/june/ekenstock-festival.html.

Thank you everybody that stood and rocked in the rain with us in Borås this saturday! You were totally awesome! We hope to come back soon and see you all again! \m/ \m/

New live photos are up in the media section!

Thank you everyone that came by and saw us last night at Debaser Medis- it was really amazing! A special thanx to the bands Skitarg and Dark Forest of North and not least Degradead who made an awesome release party for their new album! Keep it up guys!

New review up on Melodic Net! Check it out here: http://www.melodic.net/?page=review&id=9712.

New review up on capishe.se! Check it out here: http://capishe.se/recension/frantic-amber-wrath-of-judgement/.

New gigs booked at Stay Awake Festival and Ekenstock Festival! Se more under the gigs section.

New review up at Loadmag.com.au with ratin 90%! Check it out here: http://www.loudmag.com.au/content/frantic-amber-wrath-of-judgement..

New review of Wrath of Judgement! Check it out here: http://www.harvestmoonmusic.com/2011/05/review-frantic-amber-wrath-of-judgement.html.

Now it’s official! Frantic Amber will play at Sweden Rock Festival this year! http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?pg=17&pr=526 Check it out here: http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?pg=17&pr=526.

Don’t forget to buy ticket to the Debaser show! The 50 first also gets the EP Wrath of Judgement for the same price (150 SEK). For tickets, send an email to: info (at) franticamber.com

Now it’s time to buy tickets to Rock Bitch Boat 2011, the ultimate Halloween experience! A two-day long rock cruise with masquerade, guitar battles, scary movies and last but not least 25 bands!

Buy your tickets here: http://www.tallinksilja.com/sv/cruises/special/riga/rockBitch.htm/ And don’t forget to support Frantic Amber and mention our name in the booking. That will give us a better show time on the boat! \m/

Serbian review from TimeMachineMusic magazine is up (7/10)! Check it out here: http://www.timemachinemusic.org/2011/05/frantic-amber-wrath-of-judgment/..

New interviews posted in the band section and new reviews posted
in the media section.

Sandra is now in Australia and meeting our friends at BlueFreya. Here is she doing an Frantic Amber interview at the australian radio station Triple-RRR! The program is broadcastet to six countries (AU, US, UK, DE, FI, JP) by streaming. Here is more info on the show!

The CD of our EP “Wrath of Judgement” is now available at Cdon and Ginza!

Frantic Amber will be performing at Sweden Rock Festival!
On june 9 we will own Rockklassikerscenen for 40 minutes and we
hope we will bang some heads with you guys down there!

New gigs booked in May! Frantic Amber will play at Degradeads Release Party at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, at Ekenstock Festival in Haninge and Stay Awake Festival in Borås.

Both live performance reviews and EP reviews up in the media section!

Yesterdays evening at Wacken Metal Battle was totally awesome! So many great bands: Degradead, Disdained (Official), Colossus, Edoff, Ninnuam, Hellinor and last but not least Mother of God who won the contest. Congratz! A special thanx to all of our fans and friends who came and supported us – you are the best!!

The P3 interview is now up for listening! The whole radio program is here: CLICK The interview can be heard in the second hour!

On saturday you will be able to hear a interview with Frantic Amber on the swedish national radio P3 Rock with Håkan Persson! The program is between 10:00 PM and midnight, and the interview will be somewhere in between.

Thank you guys that came and saw our show on Harry B James gig this thursday! You were awesome! A special thanx to the band Godass that came all the way from Malmö to play. Hope to see you all soon again!

Now it’s official! Frantic Amber is one of the finalists in Wacken Metal Battle. Don’t miss the Wacken Metal Battle show on Södra teatern/Kägelbanan in Stockholm on April 28th! You can find more information in the gig section or in the facebook event: Wacken Metal Battle 2011

New interview up! Frantic Amber is the band of the month on Nocturnaleuphonyint.com. You can read the interview here.

Review of our EP “Wrath of Judgement” is up Metal Heart Webzine! Read the review here.

Review of the April Doomsday gig is up on Swedenmetal! The review in swedish but use google translate if you don’t know swedish. You can read it here:www.swedenmetal.se/

New review up! Femmemetal.net has made an review of our EP “Wrath of Judgement”. Read the review here.

Thanx to you guys and girls that came and saw us yesterday in Anchor! Don’t miss our gig at Harry B James next thursday!


New video up! An official live video of Frantic Amber performing “Bloodlust” at ZHELEZNYE DEVY fest is released! Check out the video here or in the video section. Bloodlust (Live in Russia)

Frantic Amber will play at Rock Bitch Boats HALLOWEEN Fest in October 29-31th! More info on the boat up here: Rock Bitch Boat


Read about Metal Valkyries Tour in Mary’s blog! And there is also photos from the tour in an new album in the gallery and even more photos at our facebookpage!

Back home from Russian Tour! We are now back home in Stockholm after a great tour! And we can say that it’s now official – Frantic Amber loves Russia! Horns up to all Russian metalheads!

We also would like to give a special thanx to Mihail, Sergey, Valery, Igor, Anna, Alexey, Stanislav, the girls in Hysterica and Jocke (our live
drummer for the tour) for making this awesome tour in Russia possible!

Frantic Amber EP on Spotify! If you have Spotify you can listen to it here.

Frantic Amber EP now available in itunes! Now up for download here.

New FA interview up on Swedenmetal! The interview is on swedish but google translate can help you read it in any language. Read the interview here: www.swedenmetal.se

New gigs booked in Stockholm! The first one at Scarpoints releaseparty at Kolingsborg with Scarpoint, Decadence and Septic Remains. The other one is a gig at Harry B James with Godass at April 7. More info in the gig section.

April Doomsday gig in Norrtalje confirmed! The date is April 1. More information is coming soon.

Thanx to all of you that came and saw us yesterday at Anchor! Didn’t know it could be so many people on Anchor on a thursday. You’re the best! \m/ \m/

FA Russian Tour with Hysterica Now it’s official! Frantic Amber will be joining forces with Hysterica on a tour in Russia in March! The dates are:
5 march – Ryazan (Hollywood)
6 march – Tula (DK Mashinostroiteley)
7 march – Kaluga – ZHELEZNYE DEVY fest (OMC, ex-DK KEMZ)
8 march – Moscow (Kasta)

We are very excited to come to Russia together with our friends and metalsisters in HYSTERICA and play at Russias biggest female-voice festival ZHELEZNYE DEVY! We are really looking forward to meet metalheads from russia and be introduced in the russian metalscene!

Thanks to all off you that saw us yesterday at RoQ! It’s was really awesome, you were so many! We hope to see you again at our gig at Anchor next week, Februari 3. Here is the Anchor event on Facebook: CLICK
New gig booked at Pub Anchor in Stockholm! We will be playing with our friends in Human Desolation. The date is Februari 3, don’t miss it!

The metal drummer Jocke Wallgren (ex Valkyrja) will be joing us as live drummer for a couple of gigs. Thank you Jocke!

Frantic Amber goes to Semifinal in Metal Tryouts! A gig is thereby booked on Saturday Januari 29 at the pool and rock bar ‘RoQ’ in Stockholm. Come and support us in the contest and have an evening of pool and metal!

New drummer wanted! Our drummer Emlee is for several reasons no
longer in the band. She has been on a break for a while and now we
have decided to go different ways. She wants to have more time for
her other band and we need a drummer more commited to the band.
We are still friends and wish Emlee the best of luck but now our
search begin for a new metal drummer.

The 5 tracks that will constitute our new demo is now up in the Media section. Check it out and please sign the guestbook to let us know
what you think about it!

New photos from the Kolingsborg gig is now up! Check them out
in the Media section.

Thanx to all of you that came by and saw us last night at
Kolingsborg in Stockholm! You rock!!

The gig on Harry B James with Circle of Chaos on December 12 has
been cancelled. We still are playing in Stockholm this monday
(November 22) so be sure to check us out there instead!

Another gig booked in Stockholm! We will have a gig together with the
band Circle of Chaos that was on the same Close-up magazine cd as
we were. The gig will be at Harry B James/Stockholm and date is
december 12. If you want to buy a ticket contact us at: info@franticamber.com

New gig booked in Stockholm! Frantic Amber are finally playing in Stockholm again! This time at the big stage in Kolingsborg, Slussen! The date is November 22 and the ticket price is 80 SEK. If you want to buy a ticket just contact us at: info@franticamber.com and we’ll send you the details.

Now only a month after the video has been launched it has 20.000 views! Thanks to all of you that has help us spread the video. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you! To all of you that were at our gig in Sävsjö! We had so much fun on stage and it was great to see the positive reactions! We hope to see you again soon!

Live photos up from the Metal Night gig in Sävsjö! Check the new live photos out in “Pics” under the menu Media from the gig we had in Sävsjö this weekend with Hysterica, Gormathon and De Van. Also, for more photos, check out: www.Photo72.se www.SydSvenskaFoto.se

Thank you! To all of you that were at our gig in Sävsjö! We had so much fun on stage and it was great to see the positive reactions! We hope to see you again soon!

The blogger Grimgoth has done an interview with Frantic Amber. Check out the blog post and his blog here: http://grimgoth.blogg.se

Frantic Amber is featured on Norwegian radio station NRK P3 program Pyro’s website. Check it out here: NRK P3 Website

It’s brought to our attention that our video is shown on the German website of Metal Hammer. In a week our video has over 10.000 views! Check it out at: Metal-Hammer.de

Frantic Amber will be on the cd that’s accompanying the swedish metal magazine Close-up Magazine. It’s only for the subscribers, but if you’re not a subscriber yet you can order a subscription now and order the september number on the close-up magazine website.

Frantic Amber is on Blabbermouth.net!! Go and Write those keyboard-ninjas off!

Frantic Amber – Band of the Month at Studiefrämjandet Studiefrämjandet Sweden has choosen Frantic Amber as one of the bands of the month on their website!

New photos up! Be sure to check out the new photos!! You will find them in “pics” in the Media menu.

New video – Wrath of Judgement The video for our new song “Wrath of Judgement” is finally up! Check it out and spread it to your friends! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R_79JOtwJo

New gig booked! Frantic Amber will be playing with the three awesome bands: Hysterica, Gormathon and De Van at Kulturhuset i Sävsjö. The date and time is 24 September 9:00 PM.

Frantic Amber played again on swedish radio P3 Rock! This time on the show: P3 Rock “Det bästa av årets första halva”.

Read the first Frantic Amber interview “Hard road to Fame” at furyrocks.com/!

Wanna see the new Frantic Amber music video before everyone else? The video will not be released until the demo is ready. But don’t dispair, we give all our newsletter fans a chance to see the video as soon as it’s done! So join our mailing list on myspace and get to see the video weeks and weeks before anybody else!

New Frantic Amber blog on swedish at Rockspot.se! Check it out at www.rockspot.se/franticamber!

Sneakpeaks from the video recording! At our fan page on Facebook you can now see sneakpeaks from the video recording. Check it out at www.facebook.com/franticamber.

Live photos from the Sweden Rock gig! For you who didn’t see us on Sweden Rock – or for those of you who were there – there are some new live photos on our myspace from the gig taken by Rasmus Lindgren. Be sure to don’t miss the ballet pose that Elizabeth showed off on stage! Check it out at our myspace: www.myspace.com/franticamber.

Hard-working ladies! We are now creating the song that will be representing the band in our new music video! The date for the recordings is set, so keep your eyes open for news! We are also recording a 5 song demo on our own! Everything is so exciting now and we look forward to sharing our work with you. And we are wanna be back on stage as soon as possible!

We just want to thank the people that where at our concert yesterday at Alarmscenen on the Sweden Rock Festival! You were so many and you give us a blast! So thank you, each and every one of you for coming and rocking with us! We hope to see you again next time!

Frantic Amber will be played on Swedish radio P3 Rock! This thursday 3 June sometime between 9 and 10 PM Frantic Amber will be played on swedish national radio!

New live photos up on myspace! Some photos of our very first gig is now up on myspace! The gig was at Ekenstock Festival in Haninge this last weekend. Thanx to all of you who came and saw us that day! And if you didn’t, now you have some pics!

Now the new design on the Frantic sites are up! Both sites are updated so be sure to check them out and feel free to comment!

Finally we got the songs Bloodlust and Unbreakable up with lead guitar! Hope you’ll like it! We are also recording and writing some new songs. So stay tuned and you’ll get to hear some more songs on myspace soon! And those of you that will see our gig at Saturday will hear a couple of them this weekend.

The nocturnal model Mary Mayhem has blogged about Frantic Amber on Underground.se! She thinks we are “pumor” which is a swedish nickname for cool girls. If you know swedish, you can read it here! www.underground.se/frantic-amber-pumor-som-lirar-metal. If you don’t know swedish, use google translate! translate.google.com.

Frantic Amber on Sweden Rock Festival! Finally time and date are confirmed and we can declare our gig at the Alarm Stage on Sweden Rock Festival! The gig is on the evening of the last day of the Festival (Saturday) at June 12 and the time 09:45 PM.

Band merchandise is here! Now you can finally wear Frantic Amber! We have girlie tops and unisex T-shirts for sale! We are now selling them on gigs but are working on a webshop for all our fans abroad.

The absolute first Frantic Amber gig is now booked! The gig going to be held in Stockholm/Haninge
at the Ekenstock Festival on 22 May. Be sure to don’t miss it if you’re in Stockholm that weekend!
More info is on the gig page.

Now Frantic Amber is up on Metaladies.com! Here you can visit the site: www.metaladies.com. Here is the direct links:
www.metaladies.com/2010/04/13/frantic-amber/ (english)
www.metaladies.com/2010/04/13/frantic-amber/?lang=es (spanish)

Frantic Amber participates in the Metro On Stage contest this year.
Support us by voting at www.metroonstage.com/artist/frantic-amber!

Frantic Amber has finally full line-up and is now an international band with five girls from four different countries. The members are: Elizabeth (vocals) from Danmark, Sandra (bass) from Norway, Mary (guitar) and Emlee (drums)from Sweden and Mio (lead guitar) from Japan. So keep our eyes open because soon it’s s gig time!

New songs up on myspace! Check it out: www.myspace.com/franticamber.

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