June 14 2015

Review of the debut full-length album “Burning Insight”

by Craig Thrasher Rider at

A fine melodic Death Metal band, with females! With the exception of Mac Dalanner of course. Being a Death Metal fanatic I welcomed this new discovery (thanks to the almighty Metal Temple) with pleasure. As soon as I played this brute, a few songs in I felt like this deserved the masterpiece ranking. It’s that good.

FRANTIC AMBER are from four different countries, Sweden, Denmark, Japan and Columbia. Wow! Combining soaring melody, aggressive Death Metal vocals, heaviness out of this world with a deranged sense of atmosphere.

From the looks of it “Burning Insight” is FRANTIC AMBER‘s first full length album, the previous being an EP of this album and a single. So it’s a fantastic start off for a new band. And I’ll be keeping my eye out for them, most definitely. So should you.

Starting off with an introduction we find ourselves entering an epic journey of brutality, and intense suffering and endless amounts of insane groovy headbanging. Perfect. The title track “Burning Insight” sends off this message well.

The sound production is perfect with these groovy, heavy, scream soaring riffs and vocals that spell out how melodic Death Metal should be. These talented women (and Mac) know how to do it very well. Truly amazing.

Bleeding Sanity” enters the fray, and my Lord of Steel that groovy, pounding intro! Straight up heaviness and epic melody, fist pounding action throughout this melodic masterpiece of true steel. This gives me the brutal face of approval!

Anquish and powerful antics empower this well written and talented epic thrash-about-a-bit gem.
We come into “Soar” which is pretty self explanatory, yes, there are SOARING lyrics and soaring instrumentation, the power continues on and on and I can not get enough. These new bands really are something else. With added keyboards and pianos in the middle of this classic.

Drained” brings a similar outcome as does the rest of the album, with added “normal” singing and the constant yells of “LET ME DIE!!” getting myself hype and excited for the next overwhelming lyric. The “less, growly” vocals are strong within the next few songs but it’s a nice touch.

Awakened” is a little bit similar to “Drained” with a bit more of a Thrash tone to it. Well honestly, that’s the entire album in a nutshell too. “Melodic Death-Thrash” sums this album up perfectly. If my positive ramblings don’t persuade you to check these guys out, I don’t know what else to add.

If I were to carry on I’d be repeating myself so all I can really add is if you love the likes of BLOODSHOT DAWN who are another fine example of the “Melodic Death-Thrash” FRANTIC AMBER will be perfect for you. This is not only a fine -pretty much perfect- album but a perfect representation of how Death Metal should look and sound. That artwork is stunning. I’ll certainly be interested in seeing them Live here in the UK. If they ever come here…

In conclusion I have nothing but a positive attitude to this killer album.

Burning Insight” deserves the title ranking of…