April 02 2011

Mary interviewed by Nocturnal Euphony

Questions in bold

Tonight we are speaking with the powerful and unique band Frantic Amber. Thanks for your time my friends. Frantic Amber is an international band with members from various parts of the globe. Mary, you started the band back in 2008. Tell us how you managed to bring all these talented musicians together?Several members were just living in Sweden temporary but decided to stay here for the band. Sandra for example had just lived in Sweden for a couple of months when I found her. It really was just a coincidence that the lineup became what it is today. But when you think of it I feel kind of lucky that we all found each other and that we had no other bands at the same time.The band is currently based out of Sweden. How has support for the band been there?The competition in Sweden is very hard because there are so many bands. But the support we have gotten so far has been really good. We have a big music industry in Sweden and that is helpful.Typically these days it is very popular to have a female lead singer, however I would think it would make for a more interesting gathering having an all female line up. How do you think this dynamic differs from a band with men included?

It’s hard to say what it is that differs an all-female band from an all-male or a mixed band because there are so few female bands out there and so many bands with males. You can’t really say if something is more common in a female band because you can always find a male band that has the same types of issues or advantages. As for a sexually homogeny band I think it can be easier to not mix up band relations with love for many mixed bands have couples in them. One might think that the reason there are so few all-female bands is that there’s more
bullshit and backstabbing going on but really there’s not. We are all straight forward with each other in Frantic Amber. It’s just hard to find female musicians to have a band with. This also may explain why we are from different countries. You need to look hard to find talented female musicians that want to play the same kind of music.

The music of Frantic Amber is very powerful and strong. What is the driving force behind the music?

I think the mix between heaviness and melodies are Frantic Amber trademarks. As for songwriters we are several in the band. Usually somebody comes up with a song and Elizabeth write the lyrics and then we all work with what we’ve got together until we are all satisfied. It takes more time but for us it’s the right way to work as a band.

Does the band write material as a whole or are there primary song writers?

Even though we all work with the songs Mio is the one that has the most responsibility in the arrangement of the songs and the song-writing process and Elizabeth always comes with the lyrics. From there we work on it and develop, give each other feedback and ideas.

What is the goal for Frantic Amber, and where would you like to see the band this time next year?

We hope that this time one year from now we are working with a pre-production of our first album. This year will be booked with everything from gigs domestic and internationally, song-writing and recording our demos in our own self-made studio.

You currently have a video out called “Wrath of Judgement”, tell us about your experience making
the video.

The making of the video “Wrath of Judgement” is kind of a funny story. It begins with an idea of a dark video in a really small recording space. We had one day of recording and needed shots with normal lighting and with a so called strobe light. Actually a lot of shots with the strobe light… The tiny detail of us ignoring the 30 sec rule about strobe got us one hell of a headache! For several days after we were dizzy and some even randomly puked! In rehearsal we at first didn’t understand what was going on, because no one was contagious but we then realized
that it was the strobe light and that turned out to be the most strange rehearsal we’ve ever had with one running to puke here and there while everybody felt like shit but that didn’t keep us from practicing and turned out to be quite comical.

Do you think Frantic Amber has proven that women can truly bring Metal to the same level as men,
and have you had any negative experiences from fans?

We don’t see music as a competition between male and female bands. We just want to play the music we love and have fun on the road. Some might find us offending while other love it but that’s just how the world works in general.

What do you think is most unique about Frantic Amber, and sets you apart from other bands?

It’s hard these days to invent a new genre of metal. It’s practically almost impossible but we are not trying to do that either. We want to create our own trademark in metal and being girls we suppose that is what makes us different and unique. The hard and heavy music combined with growl vocals isn’t that common among females yet and we’d like to inspire other girls to pick up their instrument and go for it!

In closing, I would like to say I think Frantic Amber are off to a great beginning, and I look forward to seeing more from the band. Please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

We send out a great big thank you to everyone that has shown us support and helped us on our way and for that we are truly grateful! We would like to see more young metal girls grab a guitar or pick up drumsticks, start jamming and just have some fun!