May 17 2011

Review for the 2010 five track EP “Wrath of Judgement” – Review by Mattias Sandin at Capishe

“During the last year girl band Frantic Amber has struck it big in Sweden.
They have already managed to play on Sweden Rock Festival and many other gigs, as well as a tour of
Russia with Hysterica, and also they recorded an EP at the end of last year. This is a band with extreme

Now, I’m personally not into death metal, I’m more of a black metal maniac and don’t really know the
death metal scene and to top that of, I’m extremely hard to impress.

The EP Wrath Of Judgement contains five tracks, which all are mid tempo songs of the rockier kind, where
the speed I associate with death metal, has been reduced in favor of a more technical performance which
gives a lovely rocking quality to the music. Yes, sometimes it makes me think of the album “Now, Diablical”
by Satyricon! Not in terms of musical style, but the art of creating a beat that I rarely heard from an extreme
metal band. I find myself several times during the listening session with a strong desire to throw around my
shaved head to the beat of the music, and then I’m the one rarely headbanging!

Singer Rachel Elizabeth Zambelli Andrews has a voice with a lot of grunt, but which is clear, and a trained ear
can easily perceive the lyrics of the songs. She preserves a lot of femininity in her voice, which might not sit
well with the hardcore death metal fans, but in any case I think is a nice break from the unrecognizable
growl of Varg Vikernes.

Guitarists Mio Jäger and Mary Säfstrand gives us, as I said a technical playing in front of violent speed,
and sure sounds good! With a guitar sound with good pressure, and melodic loops, they create a wall of
sound that is complemented well by bassist Sandy Stone’s bass lines.

The band’s drummer, Emlee, which jumped after the recording of the band, is a solid drummer, even if she
is too busy on the double kicks in the song “The Awakening”, which I personally do not think works so well to
exaggerate in severe low tempo, and the music risk losing some of that rocking quality I mentioned earlier.

The lyrics is obviously not just thrown together, but even if it is by no means bad, it’s also no poetic
masterpieces we get to hear. But it does a good job, reviewing everything from revenge, war and
rebellion against conformism.

You can tell that the girls worked really hard with these songs, they are well written and the whole EP was
very well produced. These are girls who know what they are doing!

But the music is innovative? No, this is not something never done before, but what Frantic Amber succeeds
in is the ability to relentlessly deliver polished, sharp melodic death metal that is both raw and powerful,
but accessible and catchy. This is music for those who like to throw their head around in front of the stage,
but also acts as a gateway to a heavier addiction!

If this EP is a punch in the stomach that makes you gasp for air, I expect the next EP, which will hopefully
be out by the end of the year, to be a solid kick in the balls that will turn your lights out!

The EP is now available at CDON, Ginza and iTunes.

And for those attending Sweden Rock Festival this summer, Frantic Amber will be playing on the
“rockklassikerscenen” on June 9, and if you want to get totally run over for 40 minutes or so,
I highly recommend you to drag yourself over there to headbang with the girls!”