Feb 03 2012Mary interviewed by Seeker of The Winterheart

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Hi Mary, first of all thanks so much for accept this interview. How are you?Thank you for interviewing us, we are good and happy after all the excitement with the P3 Gold Awards.

Can you narrate us more about the history of the band for who don’t know Frantic Amber?

I founded Frantic Amber in 2008 as a female metal band and had several line-up changes until the core members (Elizabeth Andrews, Sandra Stensen and Mio Jäger) were found. This line-up was solidfied 2010 and the band has been busy since then The debut EP “Wrath of Judgement” was released 2011, but the video for the title track was released in late 2010 as a teaser. That video gained over a 100.000 views in one year and the band has since then been playing a lot live, both in Sweden and abroad including gigs such as Sweden Rock Festival and two tours of Russia.

Erik Röjås joined Frantic Amber as our drummer and became our first male member. He has played with us since early 2011 as session and live drummer. We suddenly felt that we didn’t want to play without him and when he felt the same way we didn’t see any problem of welcoming him into the frantic family.

Right now we are working on our second EP together with Ralph Santolla (Death, Obituary, Deicide, Iced Earth) as producer. He is fantastic and has taught us a lot. We can’t wait until the next EP is released this year!

Frantic Amber for a band name is curious, where did you get it, any anecdote to share on it?

It was in the beginning an alternative for a bandname change for my old band Vision. Frantic Amber is a mix between something feminine “Amber” and something furious “Frantic” and really didn’t fit for Vision. So I kept the name for something that it fit better. And for Frantic Amber that description really fits well for us.

“Wrath of Judgement” is your debut EP, can you tell us more about the genesis of this one, how’s born?

Wrath of Judgement was a mix between old songs and new songs in the band. They weren’t written at the same time or by the same people. It was recorded as a demo and was from the beginning not actually meant to be released, but one thing lead to another and out to the people it went! 😉

In your opinion, what you want express with the title “Wrath of Judgement”?

The title “Wrath of Judgement” was meant to express the anger you feel when someone is judging you for unfair reasons or not letting you be the person you are. The word wrath describes not only anger but an action to be taken, like you letting your anger lead you to stand up for yourself and fight. A fight for who you are and what you want to do.

I’ve read that your second (at moment unnamed) EP is coming, do you think to confide us some more exclusive infos?

The new EP will have four songs and will be produced by Ralph Santolla and mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren. Soon we will release a music video for the first song as a teaser. We can’t wait to show you more!

At the status of the facts, you’re able to list and explain some differences, if there are in your point of view, between the upcoming EP and the debut EP?

The first EP was in the beginning never meant to be released. It was made as a demo for booking gigs and also was our first attempts to find our sound. It turned out great and now in the upcoming EP on the other hand we have found our sound a lot more and also developed it. We are still exploring, but in the second EP we hope to show people what we really are about.

Why now don’t opt for record a full lenght album? Why opt for a second EP?

As I said we are still exploring our sound but the new EP will be a step on the way to the album because the same songs will also be on the full length album. Why we choose to release it now and not wait until we have all the songs is because we want to keep the flow of evolving and be continuously active. The old EP is not alone representative of Frantic Amber anymore, and wewant to release something to show people what we are becoming.

How’s working with Ralph Santolla?

He is so great, we learn so much from him. To him music is a living being that deserves to be put in charge. He always says the song decides and he is right. You just have to listen close enough to see what it is saying.

For non-Swedish people can you explain us what are the P3 Gold 2012 Awards and what means for Frantic Amber this performance?

The awards are P3’s own music prize to summarize the previous year’s best Swedish music. Performing are some of last year’s most acclaimed Swedish artists. This event was awarded in front of 2500 people at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg and was broadcasted in Nordic national television channels and radio. It’s the first time we have ever been on TV so it’s a really big deal for us.

Despite P3 Gold 2012 Awards performance (for what I get is a big deal), during these last years what are the highlights worth of mention or that tour memories that you are attached onto?

The highlights we must say have been the two Russian tours and of course the Sweden Rock Festival gig we had last year. They all meant a lot for us and it gave us a lot of experience and memories for life. There is a lot of tour memories to talk of – everything from when the live drummer for the Sweden rock gig canceled in the last minute and we drove back to get Erik from Stockholm – to when the Russian fans cheered for us before we even started playing the second time we where there.

Great our fans as you want dear Mary!

Thank you everybody for you reading this! We hope to show you some new Frantic stuff very soon. \m/ \m/