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April 14 2015

Review of the debut full-length album “Burning Insight”

by Jörgen Andersen at Melodic.net






After releasing an EP and a couple of singles the long awaited full-length debut album “Burning Insight” from Frantic Amber will be released on April 17th.
And I must say that this album was worth the wait!
What we get here is pure melodic death metal and I think that this album is far superior to all the mainstream garbage that people these days call “metal”.
Burning Insight is heavy, fast, loud, angry and rebellious, the way pure f***ing death metal was meant to be!

Everything sounds really good on this album, the guitars sound really heavy, the bass sounds deep, the drums sound hard and the vocals are beautifully brutal.
Maria and Mio shows a wide variety of influence in their lead works with their extensive amounts of harmonies,lead parts and face-smashing riffs.

The drums are aggressive and intense, the bass serves as a strong backbone and it all compliments Elizabeths incredible beast-like growls in a perfect way.
There really isn’t a bad song here and Frantic Amber manage to attain the balance of brutality and anthemic melody throughout the whole album.

After the symphonic intro, the album launches into the fast-paced, relentlessly aggressive title song
“Burning Insight” and everything explodes with this highspeed anthem which hits you right into your face. With it´s intense drumming, face-melting guitar leads and roaring, energetic vocals from Elizabeth, this track is a perfect fit to kick-start the album.

And the rest of the album contiunes to maintain the same high intensity and strenght and everything works extremely well on this album.
All songs are heavy but do not lack catchiness and the songs are full of little details so that after even the tenth time listening there are still new fine points to discover.

The whole album is awesome and if I have to pick some highlights it will be the aggressive title song “Burning Insight”, the heavy and melodic “Bleeding Sanity”, the heavy and Arch Enemy inspired “Awakening” (that also includes some nice clean vocals), the song “Ghost”, a cool song where rage comes with really beautiful harmonies and finally “Soar”, an awesome song with great shredding and melodic guitars and with a chorus that is one of the best on the whole album.

“Burning Insight” is an aggressive Death Metal album with melodic/prog Metal melodies and every song has it´s own signature and if you enjoy solid musicianship, growls and the darker sound of the metal genre, you are going to appreciate this album for it’s clever melodic experimentation and mix of brutality. This is truly an awesome debut album from Frantic Amber worth checking out!
Horns Up! m/ m/