November 28, 2014

Madeleine interviewed by











– What’s new in the world of Madeleine Gullberg Husberg?
I recently joined Frantic Amber (in March this year) so very much is new. I have played bass since I was 13 but my first real band that I’ve played with is DWARF, which have been around for about 1½ years now. So when I joined Frantic Amber it was right to making a music video, play gigs, and go on smaller tours. In the past months we have played in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, and also had a release party for the debut album “Burning Insight” which was released September 17th in Sweden. So it has been a fantastic year with a lot going on. I get to do what I love, play bass and get to travel and do all this fun things with awesome people!

– Must be an awesome feeling when your music videos are viewed over 100k. Also Frantic Amber has great promo videos. How long does it usually take to film a video?
It’s really awesome! As I am new in the band I have only done one music video ”Burning Insight”, so we began filming in July this year and it was finished and released at our release party in September.

– How important are music videos in the industry today? How do they compare to videos from 20 years ago?
I think it is as important now as it was back then, but for different reasons. If you had a video being played at, for an example MTV, it was the way to really get your music out there around the world without the internet that we have today. Now when we have all this social media and so many great bands out there it’s hard to be heard if you don’t use as many channels of the media as you can. With a video you also need to really make one that catches the viewers attention in the first few seconds so that they keeps looking all the way through.

– How much practice do you put in on the bass to keep up to date with your techniques in the metal world?
I practice 3 times a week with the bands, and then I practice at home. I try to play not only the music I listen to but different genres as well. Whenever I hear a cool bass line in a song, I’ll write that down and try to learn it later on.

– Do you see a biography being written someday about the experiences you acquired or will acquire in your life?
I haven’t thought about that really, but I enjoy to document my every day life in both photos and in scripture. So I will have my private journal when I’m old in any case.

– What’s your take on the sex appeal in the music industry? Is it as important for men and women?
I think it’s too much focus on that today, especially in the pop industry. I think it would be a lot better if the focus was just on the music.

– Do you have any tours coming up in the near future?
Right now we have began to write new music and we have some gigs booked in the following months but with tours, as for now we don’t have anything planned.

– Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician on tour?
I have only done a few smaller tours, but those times we travelled to the place, either by flight or a long boat trip, then we arrive at the venue, load in all the gear and check out the stage. Then it’s soundcheck and after that we hang out, eat some food, warm up and then get out on stage. After the gig we hang out there and sell some merch. Then we get some rest and the next day we pack the car again and head off to the next venue. It’s so much fun!

– Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?
That’s a hard one! But I think that the genres will continue to branch out in subgenres even more and with more crazy and extreme mixing between the genres that is today.